Terms and Cancellation Policy

Refund Policy (Complies with ORS 715-45-027)

You may for any reason cancel your enrollment by giving written notice to the school within five (5) business days after the date of enrollment or prior to receipt of any lesson materials, whichever occurs later. All moneys received will be promptly and cheerfully refunded by the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, Inc., less shipping charges, if any.

When an enrollment application has been accepted by the school and not canceled under the provisions specified above, the following schedules of maximum charges may be assessed by the school.:

(a) Termination in the period between the delivery of lesson materials and receipt by the school of the first completed lesson materials: The school may charge an amount equal to 15% of the total tuition cost; that being established as the Registration Fee.
(b) Termination after receipt of the first completed lesson materials and up to 50 percent of the completed lesson assignments, or six months, whichever comes first: The student shall be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the tuition cost of the home study portion of the program.  The school may retain the established Registration Fee.
(c) Termination after receipt of 50 percent or more of the completed lesson assignments, or after six months: The school may retain 100% of the tuition costs plus the established Registration Fee.
(d) At the discretion of the school, any materials received by the student may or may not be returned to the school for refund.

Licensed by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission

The Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, Inc. is licensed by the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission.  Acceptance to the school is not based on age, disability, national origin, race, marital status, religion or sex. Any inquiry or grievance a student may have regarding this contract may be made in writing to the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, 61592 SE Orion Drive, Bend, Oregon 97702, or to The Director,  the Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission, 775 Court Street, Salem, Oregon 97301.  Phone 503-947-5751.

Itemization of Home Study Course Charges

$700 – Randy Potter School of Piano Technology Training Manual, ten auxiliary texts including the Apprentice Training Manual, “G” Piano Works Repair Labor Guide, and other supplemental technical training manuals and materials.

$400Introduction to Piano Service, Basic and Intermediate Tuning Techniques, Basic and Intermediate Repairing Techniques, Basic and Intermediate Regulating Techniques and Using the SAT III DVDs.

$400 – Tools, Parts, Repair Supplies, Vertical Action Model

$50 – Shipping and Handling

$400 – Registration and Tuition Fees ($60 non-refundable Registration Fee, $340 Tuition)

$1,795 – Total Course Cost (includes package discount from $1,950 separate item cost)