Additional Information

School Facilities

The school is housed in a 2,000 square foot facility in Bend, Oregon, which includes course production and storage facilities, DVD filming and production studio and an 800+ square foot rebuilding and regulating shop. Student transcripts, which are kept for 25 years, are maintained in a fire-proof vault.

Licenses and Approvals

The Randy Potter School of Technology, Inc., is Licensed by the Oregon Department of Education, and is Licensed under the Private Vocational School Act of Canada. The school is an Eligible Institution for Student Assistance under the Canada Student Assistance and Alberta Student Assistance programs.


While a student, and as a graduate of The Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, you will be entitled to unlimited consultations. Although we have made the course as complete as possible, and it is regularly updated to include new information, questions will undoubtedly arise. We will be happy to consult with you by phone, or in writing by mail or e-mail. Randy is also happy to meet our students, and to set aside time for consultations at the many Piano Technicians Guild conventions he attends and teaches at throughout North America.


Upon satisfactory completion of this course, each graduate is issued a Diploma from the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology, Inc.. This large diploma is suitable for framing, and can be displayed with pride. Knowing that you have completed the most comprehensive course available today will give you the confidence needed to service the most exacting clientele. We have great pride in all our graduates and look forward to counting you among them.

Placement Assistance

A placement service is maintained to assist students who have satisfactorily completed the training program. The school does not guarantee placement of its graduates, but since most students are already servicing pianos and building a clientele where they live prior to completing the course, we do have more requests for graduates than we can supply.

ArtistWorks Online Affiliation

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